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WinSim21 Exercises

Blackjack exercises for playing and counting cards are provided. Practice counting cards that are shown to you 1 at a time, 3 at a time, 5 at a time or 7 all at once. Develop the pattern recognition and association skills to group, cancel and count cards. Practice the calculation skills for estimating the True Count from the rough order Running Count. And do these practice sessions for any of the pre-defined counting systems, or one that you define.

Do counting exercises in this flash card type environment, or during the play of actual hands. Player will periodically be asked to input the current count (either running or true as you see fit). A cumulative score is maintained.

You can also get audio feedback on your play, to beep any mistakes you might make for the play strategy you've selected. You can choose the basic strategy, or any of the count strategies, to learn and practice. If you have trouble figuring the value of your hands, the dealer can give you verbal prompts. Exercises for play center on correct card play, without concern for betting. Your results can be set to show your percent score for correct play.


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