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WinSim21™ Results

Ever had one of those sessions where you think, if I'd only been using this other betting system, then I'd really have cleaned up!?!

WinSim21 keeps track of your actual live bets, plus the bets for nine popular betting systems. So now you will know how you would have done. Results show total winnings adjusted for insurance and tokes, the total amounts wagered, and the net return/loss on your bets. Results for all ten betting systems are shown in a single table for easy comparison. The step and parlay systems have many options to allow them to be tailored for common betting variations.

Other results of interest include high and low water marks, again for each system, including when each extreme was reached.

Betting extremes are also available, showing the minimum and maximum wagered on a round.

Other results are broken down for double-down, splitting, blackjack and insurance. Results for side bets are also available, including insurance, royal match and over/under 13.


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