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WinSim21 Shuffle the Cards

WinSim21 provides 4 ways to shuffle the cards. The standard way, using random shuffling, produces cards equivalent to those used for computer research on blackjack. The casino style shuffling produces a pseudo-random sequence of cards biased by clumping, where near value cards tend to clump together. Sometimes attributed to dealers not doing a thorough shuffle, at other times to dealers stacking the shoe, this style of shuffle reduces the effectiveness of counters. The computer shuffle lets you control the manner and thoroughness of the shuffle: Beginning with a random shuffle, cards are subsequently, combined with discards, stacked, plugged, cut, shuffled according to your parameters for thoroughness, riffle and persistence. Alternatively, you have the option to shuffle the cards yourself! You input the cards you want for the dealer and for the player. Could you find a use for this during your next online session?

Controls are provided for shuffling, burning cards, and dealing the dealer's hole card down. The modeless dialog for inputing the cards will prompt you every step of the way! Input cards for 1 to 8 decks. When all of a particular card are used, they appear with their checkbox checked. Cards that have one or more cards available appear unchecked. To deal a card simply click in the checkbox (In multi-deck games the card will appear checked briefly, and then revert to unchecked if one or more of that card is still available in the remainder of the deck. In the game above the player hits a straight-flush for twenty while the dealer shows a queen and is waiting to turn over the hole card... You decide what the dealer gets!


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