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WinSim21 Simulations

Play what if games to see if you can improve on the basic strategy. What happens if you stop hitting 12 when dealer has two? Is it really better to hit soft-18 when dealer has a nine... or an ace? Simply record the cards when you play using the original rules; then replay the cards with your modified rules: and compare the results. Start the simulation by first choosing the number of hands in a session and how many hands total you want to simulate. Players are normally set up with goals and limits (per session). The live player will always play all the hands (with a constant bet), but other systems may sitout part of the session if their session goal or limit is reached. Some betting systems also may determine that things are turning out sooo bad, it's better just to skip the rest of a session.

When you run a simulation you won't see the hands played, but you can see interim results posted for each player which are posted periodically during the simulation. The simulation will include players in the game when the simulation starts. Unless these players are defined to play at a specific skill, during the simulation they will play as card-counters. The card-counting system employed during a simulation is fixed based on the selection from the cards menu.


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